De Skunk:
Yup, you read right!  Have no fear; if your dog gets sprayed by
a skunk, we have just the right remedy!

De Flea Treatment:
Having problems with Fleas?  Bring your dog for the day and
we will get rid of those pesky critters while you de flea your
home.  This is not a cure for fleas and an at home treatment
must be done to prevent further infestation.

Other Additional Services include:

Nail Filing: $6 (files nails to a smooth finish that won't
scratch your skin)
Anal Gland Expression: $5
Teeth Scraping/Brushing: $6
Pampered Pet Massage: $8
Special Needs:  If you have a senior pet that requires a
grooming to be done ASAP and you would like to wait while
he or she is getting groomed, we can do so if requested ahead
of time.  A Fee of $20 will be added to the grooming.  

Combine any three of the following for $13
Combine and two of the following for $8
Nail Smoothing Treatment--smooth out those sharp nails!
Anal Gland Expression--a quarter of the price that your vet
Teeth Scaling--get rid of horrid breath!

Pampered Pet Spa Package
The best way to spoil your Pet and make his or her experience
a relaxing one.
This includes Nail Smoothing Treatment, Teeth
Sraping/brushing, Anal Gland Expression and a Relaxing
Just $18

Walk In Services:

Nail Trims: $10- $15
Anal Gland Expression: $10
Nail trim with Anal Gland Expression:$15
Teeth Scraping or Brushing: $6
Feet Trimming: $18-$25 (this includes a nail trim)
Brush out:  Varies on coat type, prices start at $10

~Feel free to bring your Pooch in for a free estimate at your
convenience.  There is no obligation to make an
appointment.  We are able to give you a more accurate price if
we see your dog or cat in person.  

*******If you schedule an appointment and need to
cancel or reschedule, it is required to give 24 hours
notice.  If you do not give 24 hours notice, you will
be charged a $20 fee at your next grooming.
Spa Services at Poochies!

Full Groom:  
This is a custom haircut of your choice on your cat or dog.  
A Full Groom includes your choice of Oatmeal, Fresh
Green, Skin Remedy Shampoo.  We also clean ears, pluck ear
hair and trim sanitary areas.  
Prices start at $45 and vary based on Breed, Coat,
Temperament, and condition of coat.

For those cats and dogs that don't need haircuts, or if you
want to keep your pet clean between haircuts,  we offer a
Bath and Brush out.  This includes your choice of Oatmeal,
Fresh Green, Skin Remedy or Whitening Shampoos.  We
also clean the ears and trim toe nails at every bath.
Prices start at $25 and vary based on Breed, Coat,
Temperament, and condition of coat.

Shed Less Treatment:
For those dogs that like to shed a lot, this is a great add on
that you can get with your haircut or bath.  This reduces
shedding by about 60% and makes brushing at home a
This is a great service for any hairy dog, Labradors,
Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Collies,
Australian Shepherds, etc...If you are having problems with
shedding, ask us and we will tell you if this service would be
of benefit for your dog.
Price is an additional $10-$30